Do You Know How to Change the World?

Everything we do has a ripple effect to the people around us, to the people around them, and so on.  This ripple effect allows each of us to have an impact on the world based on our actions, and reactions.

I believe that building a resilience to stress, and to the negativity, offenses, and criticisms around us, can lead to a change in the stress, negativity, offenses and criticisms in the world.

I love that I can help change the world by helping people build stress resilience.  Do you know how you can change the world?  Let's discuss further in this video.

If you're ready to get started making the changes that will impact the world, join us at the NeuroRedeem Community on Facebook , in April we will be conducting a 5 Day Stress Resilience Challenge.  Let's see if we can change the vibration of the world, together.


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