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About Us

Hello, we are Dr. Christopher and Jennifer Thoma, we’ve been sharing our lives together nearly three decades now.  Over that time we have been involved in many different businesses, organizations, and careers, created a lovely family, and are constantly learning new information and skills.  We love sharing our knowledge and experience to help others live a fulfilling life.

Dr. Thoma uses his diverse back ground as a collegiate athletic and academic All-American, medical technologist, land developer, importer, chiropractic physician, nutritionist, acupuncturist, hypnotist, and businessman to help others.  Not only in his practice but in every day life, his passion has been to use this diverse knowledge to help others identifying the root of their issues, whether it be physical or emotional.  This approach has set him apart in the functional medicine world as a physician that is able to diagnosis and treat those ailments that are too often overlooked. 

His passion is to bring health and happiness to as many as he can. He often speaks nationally to professional groups in the medical, hypnosis, and business professions. His vast knowledge ranges from medical technology to holistic medicine to business and beyond.  

Jennifer has been a bank Compliance Officer for her entire career, giving her plenty of experience in human resource management and organizational behavior.  Additionally she runs NeuroRedeem, and has oversight of Total Health Integrated Clinic and a few other companies in the St. Louis region.  

Other than banking and business, Jennifer has studied Yoga, and has become a certified Life Coach, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner, Reiki Master. She has accomplished all of this in order to improve the quality of her life and that of her family, as well as those she shares this knowledge with on a daily basis. 

Jennifer is passionate about sharing her experiences as a woman in the corporate world: battling self criticism, stress, work and family life balance, and other dilemmas through her personal blog found at She has spoken internationally sharing her knowledge on business dynamics and improving life for others.  

Over the past several years we have developed and applied for a patent for the NeuroRedeem educational program.  This program specializes in behavior modification through the combination of functional neurology, hypnosis, tapping, and fractionation. Despite our busy lives, we have worked hard to bring this knowledge to you because we care about your well being and know the life changing effect this program has had for others.   

We are so excited to release this program to the rest of the world.


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